The Real Gdp Graph From The Federal Reserve Website

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Real GDP measures the total income of everyone in the economy while simultaneously measuring the total expenditure (cost) on the economy’s output of goods and service (adjusted for inflation). In other words, the cost to the buyers of products is the income to sellers of those products. Right now the US economy is progressing in the right direction. The country’s growth is getting more positive, and the increased in crude oil has reduced oil prices. The reduce oil prices have created a rippling effect on the lower cost of transportation, food and raw materials for business. It also provides consumers with more disposable income to spend thus raises profit margins for businesses. With in mind, my strategy for forecasting the real GDP was to show the country continuing in this productive direction. Notably, in analyzing the Real GDP graph from the Federal Reserve website I decided on using a selective range of the average percentage change that would provide me with a moderate positive growth within the next two years. Comparatively, both my graph and the Federal Reserve actual show a ...

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