Essay on Reading Instruction At The Sixth Grade Level

Essay on Reading Instruction At The Sixth Grade Level

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Adam will benefit from placement in reading instruction at the fourth to fifth grade level.
Strategies such as word recognition to build sight words and increase in reading to gain exposure to the printed word will build Adam’s vocabulary and word bank. The goal is to increase his ability to read independently. Word banks, flash cards and word walls are great strategies to use with Adam. In addition, Adam will benefit from teaching strategies to increase the comprehension of what he reads. Using effective teaching strategies, graphic organizers and peer modeling, are additional methods to help Adam. Reading has implications for all content areas, as Adam must be able to read and comprehend the textbooks. Encouraging Adams parents to read at home is another helpful strategy.
Direct instruction in the area of phonics and math can help Adam in the area of sight words and basic math facts. Adam needs the direct one on institution the teacher can provide. Teaching the specific skills will provide the foundation on which to build independent skills. In addition, Adam could benefit from the use of computer programs and software such as Read 180. This is a scripted program to help the struggling reader. Adams math skills are at the kindergarten level and would benefit from single digit addition and subtraction drills. Manipulatives should be used for complex concepts and problem solving, as well as math facts. Touch Math may be a great program or use with Adam. The numbers have tough points that help the student identify the value of the number.
Adam’s placement should include a resource room classroom for reading and math. He would benefit from instruction in the smaller classroom setting and more one on one attention from the special...

... middle of paper ...

...ed with his non-disabled peers for his elective classes, as well as social studies and science.
Mr. Gallery: That seems fine, but how will he be able to keep up with those classes, given his reading problems.
Evaluator: Adam’s general education teacher will provide accommodations and modifications to the curriculum in addition to an alternative text as appropriate.
Mr. Gallery: I am comfortable with this plan. I think this is what we need to help Adam in school.
Evaluator: That’s great! We will plan the change for next week. It is important that you understand that this individual education program is a living document and we can make changes at any time. I will make a note to check in with his teacher in four weeks to access his progress. If at any time you have any concerns, please feel free to let his teacher know or myself.
Mr. Gallery: Thank you for your time.

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