Reading Comprehension : Literature And Literature Essay

Reading Comprehension : Literature And Literature Essay

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The purpose of this chapter is to provide a comprehensive review of literature on reading comprehension, more specifically understanding literature genres, and literature circles. The intent is so show research that supports the argument that literature circles impact reading comprehension. A well known definition of comprehension states that comprehension is a process a reader takes to construct meaning of a text through prior knowledge, past experiences, direct information from the text, and the attitude the reader has toward the text (Pardo, L.S., 2004). Students reading abilities is a wide range and students read at different reading levels; therefore, students need strategies to help improve reading comprehension (Taylor, 2010). Implied by Burns (1998), students who engage in literature circles are able to verbalize, listen to different modes of thinking, and hear others ' perspectives in which students deepen comprehension of a text.
This chapter is organized to specify the milestones and challenges first. Then, the purpose of this study is explain. Next, relevant research detailing strategies in improving reading comprehension. Finally, general overview of the literature circles is presented.
Focusing on third grade children, Taylor (2010) claims that students in third grade are shifting from learning to read toward reading to learn and a wide range of students are reading below grade level. Mills (2009) says that proficient readers consistently use strategies that include activating prior knowledge, making inferences, visualizing, asking and answering questions, and retelling and summarizing to comprehend the text. Students reading below grade level may be lacking one or more of the comprehension strategies;...

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...ole, and come together at the literature circle group to discuss their reading (Covert, 2009). Literature circles are meant to be established for students to meet regularly as their roles change each time the group meets (Marshall, 2006). In addition, literature circles are peer-led (Sanacore, 2013) and Vygotsky (1930) states children who develop a sense of guiding themselves and organizing their own activity, discussion in this case, succeed.
This review of relevant literature summarized reading comprehension of literature texts. The review identified milestones and challenges specific to the age group in which this study will be applied. For the purposes of this project, literature circles will be the intervention strategy as a form to improve reading comprehension (Marshall, 2006). The following chapter describes the methodology of the research report.

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