Essay on Ray Bradbury : The Father Of The Science Fiction Genre

Essay on Ray Bradbury : The Father Of The Science Fiction Genre

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Ray Bradbury is considered by many as the father of the science fiction genre. However many believe he used his stories to criticize racism, technology, censorship, nuclear war, and human values. Many of his works were influenced by childhood experiences, his love of technology and his vivid imagination. He was known primarily for his science fiction short stories. Two of them are “Dark They Were and Golden Eyed,” and “A Sound of Thunder.” Both of these stories fall into the classification of Science Fiction, but they are set in different time frames and different places. “Dark They Were and Golden Eyed” takes place on Mars. The time is not really stated, but by inference it takes place thousands of years in the future, when space travel for an average person is, if not common, at least available. The plot centers around a family named Bittering who have traveled to Mars to live. Initially their intention is to stay only for a few years, or until they decide it is time to go back to Earth, but due to unfortunate events, they become trapped on the planet and are unable to return home. “A Sound of Thunder” is also science fiction, but the setting is modern day, with the majority of the action-taking place 60 million years ago, with the help of a Time Travel Machine.
Ray Bradbury was born in Waukegan, Illinois, in 1920. Many of the characters he writes about are people from his family and friends and neighbors from his child hood and later years, and the events he describes come from encounters or events he experienced as a child ( His family moved to Los Angeles California when Ray was twelve and by then he had already decided to become a writer (http:www.biogra...

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... Physicists have used this idea to expand on the idea that the past predicts the future. We know that Eckels did cause such a change, because the Safari sign was not the same at the end of the story as it was at the beginning; in fact, society appears to have evolved, by all accounts, according to the spelling mistakes on the sign. His style has been acclaimed as “musical” and best appreciated by reading aloud ( A continual theme of his was the necessity for self-examination and to see what our fate brings us ( Bradbury himself was fascinated by the idea of living forever, which was one of his main reasons for becoming a writer ( He has succeeded, because his works are so enjoyable and interesting, that they have become classics and will be read and studied by generations to come.

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