Essay about Rape Is It Committed By Strangers Most Of The Time

Essay about Rape Is It Committed By Strangers Most Of The Time

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One of the most common misconceptions about rape is that is it committed by strangers most of the time. However, this is not the case. Date rape is an epidemic affecting tens of thousands of people across the world at staggering rates. The rape stereotype in our culture today is a jumping out of the shadows type of rape. Most people think that when someone is raped either their house is broken into and they are attacked, they are kidnapped, or something along those lines. Actually, 84% of women know their attacker (Hammond). This can become problematic for our society because victims are looking out for an attack that most likely will not take place, while ignoring assaults that are far more likely.
Date rape is defined as forcible sexual intercourse during a voluntary social engagement where the victim resisted either verbally or with psychical resistance (Polletta). The perpetrator could be the victim’s boyfriend, a family friend, or just an acquaintance but to be defined as date rape, the victim must know their attacker (Bridges). These type of assaults can occur in many environments such as dates or parties. Teens in particular are at a higher risk for date rape. Adolescents and young women are four times more likely to be date rapes than people in other age ranges (Hammond).
Just as there are different types of rape, there are different types of date rape. The rapist could forcibly make the victim have sex or do other types of sexual activity with them. This type is the most similar to the “rape stereotype,” but is still committed by someone the victim knows. The perpetrator can also use different types of drugs to inebriate the victim (Hammond). One drug most commonly used is alcohol, because it is the easiest for people...

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... an intimate way. Lastly, adolescents, and everyone for that matter, should be aware of their surroundings (Pumphrey). If a person knows they have an alcohol issue and tend to get drunk easily, then going to a party alone with a great deal of alcohol probably is not the best choice for them. Drugs and alcohol impair cognitive abilities and people’s abilities to make good judgments, so not taking part in these activities can keep everyone safer.
Date rape is a topic that is not discussed enough. Adolescents, and adults, need to be educated on how to prevent date rape and what exactly it is. It is becoming increasingly more “popular” among youth because an inebriated or drugged person that the assaulter might know is seen as a soft target. Having trustworthy friends, trusting instincts, and just being aware of surroundings can prevent this tragic act from happening.

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