Rape And Prevention Programs For Rape Essay

Rape And Prevention Programs For Rape Essay

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This is a paper about rape and prevention programs for rape. I could not find anything about preventing rape locally so found a website that goes in all 50 states. Rape is about power and is a crime that should not be taken lightly(Nemeth,2012). Rape is classified as sexual assault in Arizona and had a lot more detail in it then just rape(Format Document,2012).

I could not find anything about rape prevention in bullhead city. But I found the CDC 's Rape Prevention Program(CDC,2014). It is a program where people get educated about rape. There is some disturbing evidence 1 in 2 women have been sexually assaulted and 1 in 71 men have been raped(CDC,2014). For men it could be more, but men chose not to come forward because they feel ashamed. Men feel ashamed because society says that men cannot be raped.
CDC calls their rape prevention group the RPE program(CDC,2014). RPE stands for rape prevent program it is a program by the CDC that funds a rape prevention program(CDC,2014). The RPE program is used to educate people on rape and to help prevent rape. Where areas you cannot totally prevent rape you can educate about it(CDC,2014).
The Rape Prevention Program is interested in teaching the young the difference between a healthy relationship and a bad relationship(CDC,2014). This is a good thing because most rapes do occur in a relationship. The Rape Prevention Program also has community meetings and hotlines for people who have been raped or been traumatized other ways sexually to call them(CDC,2014).
The CDC says that people are usually sexually assaulted before the age of 25(CDC,2014). The Rape Prevention Program has been set up to stop this from happening. The RPE feels if people are better educated about...

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...obably already in a fragile state if the victim gets blamed it can cause a rapist to go free because the victim could drop the case, not feel like testifying or commit suicide(Nemeth,2012).
In conclusion rape is not an easy thing to talk about. It is a hard thing to talk about and a sexual assault can ruin someones life in an instant. It is good that it is being seen for the life changer it is and things are being done about it. There are websites on how to prevent it. There are hotlines on how to get help. Even though in honest opinion rape prevention programs sound like victim blaming. It is helping us deal with a problem that has plagued the justice system forever. Rape or sexual assault depending on where it is classified in your state is never okay. Even common law recognized it as one of those things that is bad that really goes without saying (Nemeth,2012).

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