Radiation Therapy And Chemotherapy As Treatment Essay examples

Radiation Therapy And Chemotherapy As Treatment Essay examples

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Humans has been struggling to find a treatment to cure cancers. Even with surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy as treatment, it is still not enough to guarantee a one-hundred percent success. Now with the advancement in medical technology, scientists have found a potential cure.
The cure are in venoms from scorpions, snakes, wasps, and other animals. With the use of nanoparticles that mask the venoms, the body will now accept the venom.
Using venom to treat cancer is not as simple as injecting these proteins into a patient, which could actually be quite dangerous. A courier is needed to deliver the protein right to the cancer cells. With the help of nanotechnology, nanoparticles are used to directly send the proteins straight to the cancer cells without the patient immune system responding to kill the nanoparticles.
It may also be possible to coat the nanoparticle in a biodegradable layer so as to trap its toxicity until it reaches the diseased area, where the layer degrades to reveal the toxin.
Such precise delivery can work on a “lock-and-key system” of highly precise biological structures. For instance, different types of cancer cells have characteristic secretions or outer proteins – the biodegradable layer of the drug can be built to recognize these specific secretions or proteins and then trigger the degradation process, allowing precise delivery of the drug.
Researcher also came up with a nanoparticles that they called, nanobees. Studies found that nanobees halt tumor growth in mice with breast and skin cancers. The experiments showed that there was minimal toxicity to healthy cells from the treatment.
Nanobees is injected into the blood stream where it circulate until it reaches the cancer cells and...

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...ientist have not yet even discover that could have the potential to cure cancers or other diseases. Yet due to climate change and human development most of those animals will be extinct before scientist could even find them.
An average of 6,000 square miles of the Amazon rainforest are being cut down by selective logging each year. Which accumulate to releasing about 25% more carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere each year.
Even with the advancement and breakthrough in technologies, scientist still have to do more research and lab testing on the drugs that are develop from the venom before it can actually be used by human. There are side effect of the drugs that may potentially cause harm to the human body.
By then hopefully the drugs will be potent enough to kill the cancer cells, without harming the human body and without having side effects like chemotherapies.

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