The Racism Of Black Wall Street Essay

The Racism Of Black Wall Street Essay

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 there once was a neighborhood that was full of black owned businesses, schools, banks and churches. This community was full of great opportunity for African Americans, it was filled with black lawyers, doctors and business owners, it was said that this community had some of the first black millionaires, they called it “Black Wall Street”. It was only 1 square mile area, but it was were most African-Americans finally had a chance to make something of themselves and make their dreams come alive. It was such a wonderful community until May. On May 30, 1921, an African American male was accused of trying to rape the elevator operator, a white woman. The accusation was the turning point for Tulsa. Tulsa was already spinning with racial tension, but this event was the major tipping, and was the reason the Tulsa Race Riot began.
In the Tulsa Race Riot the “Black Wall Street” was bombed from the air. According to survivors they did describe it as “they invade our district the same as Germans invaded France (). They came by planes and trucks full. The private planes dropped a load of dynamite and about 75 people were instantly killed, and hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed, they invaded black businesses and houses. Whites looted, burned, and killed as many African Americans as they could. They broke into African Americans homes and stole all of their valuables and even killed the homeowners and children. There was four truckloads of bodies shoveled into mass graves. Only about 4,000 African American survived and were placed in concentration camps, while their poor district was burned to the ground. When the African Americans finally got a chance to return home they found out that they had nothing ...

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...can American I feel that other races are afraid for African American to succeed, I feel that African Americans are capable of doing such great thing but every time they try it is always shot down. The cause of the distortion that happen on “Black Wall Street” was caused by jealousy and it make me feel that African Americans have the power to do such great things, if they come together as a community.
After this terrible event happen to the community, today the Greenwood community had been rebuilt and continue to grow. The community has learnt to grow and improve, even though it’s been about 94 years later the community is still not the same. As for the survivors they all are in their older years of age and have not forgotten about the awful events that occurred that day, but despite that didn’t let that stop their growth and continue to fight for what they deserve.

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