Essay about Racism And The Asian Culture

Essay about Racism And The Asian Culture

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Ignorance can often become the cause of racism when it comes to people not being educated to other cultures people just assume what they hear in stereotypes, movies, and in text books are always the most accurate way to describe a culture and always that is not true. Everything you hear and read is biased therefore the only way to truly understand someone or something is to experience how it is to be them.
While usually negative or derogative, and maybe somewhat truthful stereotypes usually have a different meaning and should not be accepted widely as the direct truth. Some stereotypes are true and are positive but are usually turned to poke fun at a race or culture. The problem is again ignorance. Stereotypes like “Asian kids are smart” can be true and can be false however the practices of education in the Asian culture can be stricter and more rigorous and can lead the that as a true positive statement. Unfortunate people use it to make fun of kids in school who are smart or to make fun of Asian kids who are not smart because not everyone fits into that stereotype and therefore in ignorance people assume it is true of all Asian kids. I feel that the same thing occurs with white people always being rich and racist which is true of some white people but on the other hand there are plenty of non-racist poor white people which again cannot fit into that stereotype. The overall problem with this is that stereotypes are placed on groups that are too large to be judged as a whole because the identity and experience of every single person is different.
“How it went down” provides a prime example of stereotypes in a black community. The problem with stereotypes is real and it leads to people feeling unsafe and feeling that they do good i...

... middle of paper ...

...they ask the important questions and don’t believe everything the hear and read because nothing can be unbiased and everyone should learn that in order to know something you have to see it from both sides of the spectrum.
Personally to me and as in the book “How it Went Down” the problem of racism is not just going to be solved by everyone agreeing to stop being racist. People have to do something about it ex (the hoodie rally) and other expressions in society that are not violence ex (burying the knife). The problem with violence is that it only breeds more hatred and discrimination. That type is discrimination is not based on ignorance but pure hate and that is a problem in our society with all the violence going on in the world. It limits our experiences and forces us to have a limited identity compared to what it could be if everyone was accepting of one another.

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