Racial Prejudice And Racial Discrimination Essays

Racial Prejudice And Racial Discrimination Essays

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Racial superiority is a concept created to rationalize social inequality and though we live in a country with much diversity, why is racism still a prevailing problem? How are beliefs of superiority ingrained and maintained in people’s minds? What leads certain cultural groups to believe they are “biologically” superior to others? What live style do people with these mentality have? How is racial discrimination a continuing problem if, throughout the years, movements have been created to fight this very same social issue? In the book, American Swastika, Pete Simi and Robert Futrell answer these questions by exploring the white power movement through extensive fieldwork. They examine the factors that drive white supremacist to form their beliefs and ideologies, and, more importantly, why such racial extremism still continues to be a problem today.
To begin, racial extremism is an ideology that promotes extreme discrimination against a specific race. Members who share this common ideology express their negative perceptions towards individuals from different cultural and ethnic groups through harassment and discrimination. Individuals affiliated with the white power movement are considered “racial extremists who identify themselves as Aryans, white power, and racial separatists” (3). Their radical ideologies are formulated by many factors, but one of the most absurd beliefs that all these white power movement groups share in common is the idea that the “white race is genetically and culturally superior to all non-white races” (3). Aryans self-created this social hierarchy where they have placed themselves above all other races and are willing to defend this idea because, through their eyes, a “unique ancestry links them literally...

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...e created games where children are taught to “liquidate all non-white invaders” (91). As adolescence and adulthood approaches, a child will believe hatred towards non-whites is normal. Children will grow to belief diversity is not acceptable. They will belief their race is really in danger when that is only a belief who cannot possibly be justified.
To conclude, children’s minds are polluted at a very young age. Children are not given the choice to decide if hate is the path they wish to take. As vulnerable beings, they do not have the options to question and defy Aryan ideologies. “Aryan parents control their children’s environment to expose them to role models and experiences that affirm the attitudes and aspirations they think are best for their children” (27). In all, Aryans cultivate hatred and encourage crime where the vicious cycle of racism is never ending.

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