Racial Discrimination Among Native Americans Essay

Racial Discrimination Among Native Americans Essay

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Ethnic hierarchy is something that states the superiority of the white people then the other
cultures, this ethnic relation is motioned in both Crash and "From Rez Life: An Indian 's Journey
Through Reservation Life," by David Truer, which represents racial discrimination of other
cultures. Crash represented the relation of racial discrimination, among the African Americans
and the white community. The movie crash represents different point of views on the relation
between the different cultures , by indicating that how the blacks are different form the whites
and also represent the different aspects of their life’s .In the Rez life by David truer , represents
the relation of the native American people as part of racial discrimination among the Native
Indians. In Rez life, the white people who try to remove the Native Americans form their own
lands and give them their own separate land to live in doing so cerates racial discrimination.
In the movie Crash there is a mention of ethnic hierarchy, which in the movie portrayed the
Americans as the superior people. In the movie Matt Dillon...

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