Race Relations : A Black Woman Of Fair Skin Born Essay

Race Relations : A Black Woman Of Fair Skin Born Essay

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On Dec 15th 2016 I interviewed my grandmother. We sat down and we talked. I recorded the conversation we had, and asked some thought out questions. This was a opportunity for me to understand my grandmother on an entirely different level. We discussed how her perspective of race relations from her birth, before the civil rights movement to the present. She has lived through so many different eras and time periods it gave me an inkling of how she became the amazing, educated, conscience person she is today.
Faye Anette Taylor born October 1, 1944, Freedman’s Hospital, Washington, DC, COLORED. A black woman of fair skin born in Washington, Dc a progressive part of the south. Being black in Washington Dc wasn’t really a problem for her. She was born into a large family of nine children, the third from the last. They lived in an enclave, of black people. She was exposed to black success very early living amongst black professionals. She was never really exposed overt acts of racism as a child. Born to a fair skinned mother and a dark-skinned father she was introduced to every pigment of brown just through her mother, father, brothers, and sisters. Much of her childhood was lived amongst the black community. Her first interaction with the white community was her trips downtown to the Hetch’s company basement. She was pointed out for being doll like and remembers the perfection she had to meet to be downtown with white people.
Faye was stayed amongst the black community by going to an all-black Catholic church and an all-black school until she went to high school. It wasn’t until she visited the south in 1954 that she saw the differences segregation and Jim Crow caused. She remembers actively being afraid in New Orleans. In High ...

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...in operation with the election or Donald Trump. And realizes that this generation of black people is going to have to fight harder than ever, because race with never not be a factor. She can see times going back as far as slavery without intervention.
My grandmother wasn’t a crusader, she wasn’t a marcher, she was an onlooker. She sees what the USA is doing and hopes and prays things don’t revert back to how they were before. She can see a violent race war taking place very soon if things don’t change. She may have gotten a pass because she was so fair. But she remembers how black were treated and discriminated by the color of their skin and can see how that is causing strife today. Washington DC and her fair skin tone sheltered her so she didn’t experience the worst parts of the time period but I think her story is and interesting that also reserves to be told.

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