Essay on Race And Race Of The United States

Essay on Race And Race Of The United States

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Place and Race in the United States
Race plays an important factor in how successful someone will be. Depending on what family and neighborhood you are born into can either greatly benefit your success in the world or damage it. Sprawl, poverty, and segregation can influence how an individual succeeds. Each of these can be attributed to the race of the individual. This paper will focus on race differences and policy options to create a more balanced and equal American society.
First and foremost, sprawl helps shape among place and race as well as privilege within the United States. So what exactly is sprawl? Sprawl is based on the spread of communities further away from the city resulting in the heavy use of auto-dependent transport. Essentially the city keeps growing and expanding further into what was once considered a rural area.
As with any country, one will expect the size of the population to increase, which will also have an effect on the poverty surrounding that country. As one would expect, poverty has increased in cities more than in suburban areas. Cities do not have an equal balance of race with more than 52 percent of residents being black whereas 21 percent are white. This holds true in the suburbs as well with only 36 percent of those residing in the suburbs being black and 57 percent white. Have you ever heard that people surround themselves with people who are most similar to themselves? This can hold true not just in social situations, but living situations as well. Many live amongst those where they feel they can be themselves and be accepted for who they really are.
Income differences effect where a person will live as well. There is a gap of $17,679 between salary differences in blacks and whites, which ca...

... middle of paper ...

...ion to get a job than a Black person with no felony convictions, even among applicants with otherwise comparable credentials or where Blacks had slightly better employment histories.” I know that there is still prejudice today and I’m not sure if that will ever go away, it’s just surprising that people still discriminate based on someone’s skin color to that extreme.
I agree with the author that a multi-policy approach would be the best approach, but I believe there should be a strong emphasis on race. In moving forward I believe that we should give equal opportunities in housing and employment to minorities. I think if people saw just how successful people living in urban areas could be then this would allow some alleviation from discrimination and segregation. Removing the stereotypes surrounding poverty stricken families will allow for a more integrated society.

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