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Essay about Quick Response Code

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A Quick response code known as a QR code is a type of 2D bar code which enables users to get access to information through a smartphone.This process is known as mobile tagging where the smartphone user points a at a QR code which opens a barcode reader application. The user then interprets the code which may contain various options such as an invitation to download a mobile application, a link to video or an SMS message or inviting the reader to respond to a poll. The Technology for QR codes was also developed by a Toyota subsidiary, Densa-Wave, which were initially used for tracking inventory (Rouse,2010).
Figure 1 below is a bar chart showing the rate at which QR codes are used by the general public. This survey was conducted by Goff (2011) to demonstrate the reasons for using QR codes in March, 2011.

Figure 1. Why would you be interested in using a QR code? (Goff, 2011)

From the bar chart, we observe that 99% of the public use QR codes for various reasons and this signifies the importance of QR codes in the market.
In relation to education, QR codes have become very popular in schools. Teachers and lecturers are finding ways to make learning easier and the use of QR codes is a way by which they have achieved this. From the bar chart above we realise that out of a 100%, 63% of people use QR codes to access information which is also the main reason why teachers use this code in order to make distribution of information easier to students.
According to Miller (2011), QR codes can be used in the classroom in various ways; to show exemplars where one can create a QR code to direct learners to various sample Power Point presentations, slide share for a class presentation or a group of foreign language speakers rel...

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.... In terms of business, its more cost effective due to reduction in extra staffing, printing machines and paper costs incurred by the academic institutions.

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