Questions On Behavior And Health Care Essay

Questions On Behavior And Health Care Essay

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1. Behaviors to Improve Patient Safety. There are five behaviors in which I, as a health care professional, can practice in order to improve safety for patients in my direct care. These include following written safety protocols, speak up when you have concerns, communicate clearly, don’t let yourself get careless, and take care of yourself. By adhering to simple, basic protocols such as hand washing you can be a key player in reducing the spread of infection to your patients and thus, keeping your patients safe. As a healthcare professional you must be an advocate for your patients and their safety by reporting unsafe working conditions, close calls, and adverse events.

2. Understanding Medical Errors. Errors are often a result of a flawed system, and not because of the negligence or irresponsibility of individuals. In order to improved patient safety, as a health care professional, I must commit myself to work with my organization to recognize common medical errors that occur and help redesign the system to achieve optimal levels of safety. By creating a culture of safety, all members of the organization can work together to improve patient safety by reducing medical errors.

3. Responding to Error. Accidents/errors are almost never the result of a single cause. By focusing on the problem as a whole, and not just the result of the error, health professionals can begin to see the events that occur along the pathway from its origin to the end result. As a healthcare professional I can be a part of a root cause analysis (RCA) team. RCA is a systemic approach to understanding the causes of an adverse event and identifying system flaws that can be corrected to prevent the error from happening again. By teaming up with other healthca...

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...alth care decision making is a collaborative process; one that includes and values the opinions of all those involved in order to come to a conclusion about what is best for the health of the patient.

10. Privacy and Confidentiality. As a health care professional, I can preserve a patient’s dignity and trust by respecting their privacy and confidentiality. There are several behaviors I can practice in order to maintain the privacy and confidentially of patient and their medical information. These include: using a quiet voice when speaking with the patient and/or their families in public; talking to patients in a private area; never discussing a patient information in public areas; asking the patient for permission to before discussing with family or friends; and closing out patient information on computers and storing away patient medical charts when finished using.

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