Purpose Of The Booklet Is A Good Thing Because Essay

Purpose Of The Booklet Is A Good Thing Because Essay

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The purpose of the booklet is to intrigue customers to bank or join with Santander, it informs new customers about why and what benefits the bank has over other banks, for example, they state that there is hassle-free switching in just 7 working days, they also state that there is 30% off home insurance in the first year’s premium when taking a new home insurance policy. The booklet is catered for young adults who are considering changing their bank or joining a bank, it also has different topics covering home insurance, Mini Accounts, Current accounts etc. This means the booklet is suitable for more than one type of customer since it dedicates different pages for different topics meaning lots of different people can take this booklet. It succeeds quite well at persuading customers since its clear, precise, presented well and clear with high-quality pictures and a high-quality gloss to make the person holding it feel professional.


The orientation of the page is portrait which is a good thing because it fits lots of words on one page and pictures rather than a landscape style with lots of space between pictures as it seems unprofessional. Lots of boxes to hold all important information regarding the subject in the box, all spaces between borders are the same and precise, unwanted but important information like Terms and conditions are placed at the bottom right where the user won’t look at instantly, instead, lots of pictures and boxes with important information take up the majority of the page. The size of the paper is A5 which is also glossed, this a great size because you can fit all the information easily with pictures and space so the page isn’t just full of words this also means you can increase the font ...

... middle of paper ...

...icons to indicate instantly to the customer on what different methods there are to contact the company this also looks aesthetically pleasing.
I also looked at the readability aspects of the leaflet and found that on the https://readability-score.com/ website that the readability of the leaflet was 53.4 which had a grade of 12.4 which is around a high school student 's age, this is quite good since it is readable for more people but less good since it could be seen as less professional. However there has to be use of technical terms as that is what the whole document is about.
Overall Improvements
Although this document is a very good standard it could still use improvements:
• Picture
• Text Size
The picture could use improvements such as lowering the exposure or using a brand new picture on page 8 as the font it white so you can’t see the number at the bottom.

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