Public Relations in Response to Crisis Essay

Public Relations in Response to Crisis Essay

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The aim of this report is to discuss an effective PR campaign for the established business Virgo. The report will follow Scott Cutlip’s four-step process as a structure that is important for Virgo in regaining its company’s profile. Defining Cutlip’s four-step process helps in the development of communication for the organisation to its publics. In relation, Virgo will add extension in the rebuilding of reputation through its aims and objectives. Using this process breaks down into situation analysis, planning and programming strategy, implementation, and evaluating the program. Edwards work on ‘Public relation Origins’ (2009:5) looks at the ‘Institute of Public relations’ (2004) and states, that the CIPR defines “PR as: about reputation- the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. […] It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics.” Virgo’s PR campaign can be defined by Edwards’s definition of PR due to the organisation wanting to restore the reputation of Virgo within its organisation and publics. The campaigns aims and objectives are to inform customers that after a recent discovery of child labour, the change in Virgos ethical standpoint will help when eradicating the problem. Public relations in the context of Public Relations, Harlow (1976) expressed in Theaker (2008:4) states,
“Is a distinctive management function which helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and co-operation between an organization and its publics; involves the management to keep informed on and responsive to public opinion; defines and emphasis the responsibility of management to serve the ...

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