Public Perception Of People Of Color Essay

Public Perception Of People Of Color Essay

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Section Two: Public Perception of People of Color

A series of experiments conducted found that a single prominent black person excelling in a position that falls outside the stereotypical occupation a black person “should” have—for example Barack Obama having been elected as president—makes non-black persons less likely to believe in systematic racism. It was also found that non-black people tend to blame racial disparities in society on problems within the black community rather than anti-black racism. (Critcher, et. al 2015) There is also a wide-spread perception that the younger generations of Americans are less likely to hold racist views than older generations. However, surveys actually shows that white millennials (people born after 1980) are only slightly less racist than the baby boomer generation (people born between 1946 and 1964). Millennials surveyed were just as likely as baby-boomers to rate blacks as being less intelligent than whites, slightly less likely to rate blacks as being lazier and less hard-working than whites, and slightly less likely to hold the belief that black people are less well-off due to lack of motivation (Clement 2015). The aforementioned surveys show that despite people believing that America has come far in the quest for achieving racial equality—even when people do acknowledge racism they see it as isolated occurrences rather than a systematic issue—young people of today continue to hold the racist ideals that older generations held during the Civil Rights Movement. Because people have a skewed perception of how racist modern society is, America does not view police brutality and racist actions against people of color as significant of a problem as it truly is.
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...minal justice system fails to bring about justice when the person on trial is a police officer, which is important concerning youths of color considering how they are treated by the criminal justice system. There has been many discrepancies found concerning the grand jury case, including Wilson breaking protocol and cleaning all blood and fingerprints off his uniform and gun before evidence could be taken, the first officer to interview Wilson about the events failed to take notes, and Wilson’s initial interview conflicts with his later testimonies (Saint Louis Public Radio 2014). After the conclusion about the indictment was reached, one of the jury members came forward and accused the prosecutor of mischaracterizing the case (Reilly 2015). Many of the witness testimonies also conflicted with Wilson’s description of the incident, including the medical exa

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