Public Health Data Systems And Its Effects On Health Essay

Public Health Data Systems And Its Effects On Health Essay

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Without information systems such as immune registries, we lack sufficient data systems to evaluate how well we are getting along in an improved framework regarding access, quality, and results. Notwithstanding the populace base, public health data systems can give imperative data, including ecological impacts on health or pathology patterns and flare-ups. They can give data about geographic territories that are underserved or that have amassing of unfavorable health markers. By giving exact data around a whole populace these frameworks additionally permit evaluation of incongruities of health status in diverse populace subgroups as indicated by age, sex, race or ethnicity, and different components. An article written in 2004 stated that, “regional immunization registries are powerful tools in public health for increasing documented up to date rates and providing insights into patterns of immunization delivery” (Kempe et al, 2004). Public health data systems, for example, vaccination registries are a key part of the data infrastructure and will permit appraisal of the effect of changes in health services on the populace overall. The registry I am developing focuses on the South shore community in Chicago, IL. This area is an underserved community with many people of low SES and health facilities that are not up to par. The south shore medical center made the following update to its MMR vaccination requirement in June 2015; all patients under 19 will need to get evidence of immunization or consent to immunize with the MMR vaccination. Patients who are not immunized or who have not gave verification of immunization by September 1 will be requested that move to another practice (SSmedcenter, 2015). With a registry put in place, dist...

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... done with the new system it not only establishes a need but provides a focus and end goal for the project team (Laureate Education, 2008). Further methods that can be instituted to mitigate resistance include having the new system be as similar to the current system or method as possible, taking incremental steps toward the end product, and keeping all stakeholders abreast throughout the whole project process. In addition, documentation is crucial to being able to identify and resolve issues that arise during the development process (Laureate Education, 2008). Having experience or being knowledgeable of your target environment is important (O’ Carroll et al, 2010). As I would like to think, this would help diminish resistance from the staff and the individuals who will have the most experiences with the new system as it was designed with their interest in mind.

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