The Psychology Of Special Education Essay

The Psychology Of Special Education Essay

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I very much enjoyed watching the series Misunderstood Minds. There were a variety of different students with disabilities that caught my attention and inspired me to teach special education. Each child in the series taught me something new about special education.
The first student was Nathan, who struggled with phonemic awareness. I was interesting in seeing Nathan’s problems rhyming and how that was how his disability was diagnosed. His disabily was only seen in his written language and did not influence his communication skills. I thought that it was interested in hearing that a student’s avoidance of something that’s hard can be commonly mistaken for attentional issues. While I was watching the video I came up with ideas that I thought that the special education teacher should do with Nathan. Some of my ideas were for Nathan to work on reading by sight words, go into a resource room for reading and writing and for him to have a scribe. All of these ideas were used to help Nathan which excited me.
Lauren was the next child in the video and she had ADHD. I was interested in the ...

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