Psychology Is The Study Of The Human Mind Essay

Psychology Is The Study Of The Human Mind Essay

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Psychology means the “study of the human mind”. The field of psychology is in terms of time, is relatively new to the science circuit. Many men and women have come and gone since the time of Wilhelm Wundt and William James. Even in the infancy of psychology the “founding fathers” had different positions on what psychology meant and how it should be perceived and used. Wilhelm Wundt, known as the “father of experimental psychology” founded the first psychological laboratory in Leipzig, Germany in 1879. Wilhelm Wundt’s focus was in Structuralism, an approach that looks at breaking down consciousness into simpler forms like sensation and feeling. This was one of the earliest “approaches” to the newly formed field of psychology. Meanwhile in the United States another man was gaining fame, William James, with his idea of functionalism which is the adaptation of our thoughts and behaviors to our environment. This approach came about as an alternative to Wundt’s and the European’s structuralism, giving way to a precedent of psychology being built upon different ideas, approaches, and methods.
Psychology as we know it now is comprised of six major approaches to how we view and understand psychology. Within each of these approaches there were at least one or more “founding fathers” paving the way for future disciples and students to add onto what the “founders” had implemented. Another key issue in psychology that to this day still affects opinions and research is the “nature vs. nurture” debate. This is predicated on whether our genes or our environment is what causes our thoughts, behaviors, feelings, attitudes, etc. to exist. Now we know that it is probably a mixture of both, in some aspect, but in the past this was a very h...

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... Model, where incoming information is sent to the short term memory, then it can either decay, be rehearsed, or transferred straight to long-term memory. One of the most renowned cognitive psychologists is Jean Piaget. His work added to the developmental theory of psychology and can be seen used in most school settings to this day. He is the first to map the cognitive development of children in his stages of development. He also coined the phrase schema, which is a huge part of the cognitive field, and his process of adaptation through assimilation and accommodation, better explained how schemas are formed and how people adjust to the world. Piaget’s work through adaptation led to a better understanding of some psychological disorders and gave the medical field a broader understanding of how warped schemas can adversely affect the mental state of a person.

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