Psychology in World War One Essay

Psychology in World War One Essay

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Psychology of World War One

As revelation spread about a great war of many countries, panic among medical officials escalated. Psychologists, however, were preparing. At Harvard, Edward B. Tichener, who partook in constituting psychology as an experimental science, held the annual meeting of “experimentalists.” The Leadership of American Psychology members attended this meeting subsequent to American entry two days before. Upon discussing the psychological role in the war, the meeting progressed into an American Psychological Association (APA) emergency meeting. To assist with war efforts, the APA placed psychologists into ‘roles.’ These psychologists were to take in military recruits and develop group intelligence tests. More than three million military recruits were to be evaluated by job selection tests. Also, as an appraisal for problems pertaining to psychopathology, psychologists were positioned in army hospitals. Psychologist Harry Hollingworth was one of these psychologists. He was to examine and diagnose soldiers that had suffered from the mental illness “Shell Shock”—otherwise known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This disorder went through gradual realization during World War One creating unimaginable statistics, symptoms, and cases.
In the medical field if any disorder, including war neurosis, was presumed physically damaging, a ‘wound stripe’ was placed around the left forearm of soldiers. If the disorder is considered “nervous but not physical,” soldiers were not pronounced as wounded. This meaning that the soldiers were ‘fit’ to return to the front. During the year of 1916, due to a tremendous amount of stress from the war, medical and military authorities were converted into believing that PTS...

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