Psychological Theories And Behavioral Issues Essay

Psychological Theories And Behavioral Issues Essay

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This quarter my practicum took place in a kindergarten classroom with 18 students and 6 students with extreme behavioral issues. My CT explained that she wanted me to work with a student who may not be getting as much attention as the other students in the class. After one week in the classroom, my CT suggested that I worked with a student that we will call K. Once he was assigned as my learning partner, I spent breakfast, most recesses and lunch with him. I tried my best to sit near him at the rug, where most of the class takes place but I often found myself helping out with those students with behavioral issues, in order to support my CT. I was still able to spend much of my time with K and I grew very close with him over the time I spent in the classroom this quarter. After all of my time spent with him I wanted to share some of my observations and interactions that I found to be interesting. I will also be making connections to some psychological theories that we learned about throughout the course of this course.
One of the first things I was able to talk to K about was what he liked to do at school or what his favorite subject was. We were sitting there at lunch, just coming from recess and he laughed saying, “Lunch, Lunch is my favorite subject and then recess after!” I knew that he was being kind of silly so I tried to share what my favorite subject was, which is history, and he began to open up. He explained that he liked to read but sometimes found it hard because he hasn’t learned all of his letters yet. In this observation I am reminded of Erikson’s sense of self. K has self-awareness that he has different strengths and weaknesses, as he explains his difficulty reading. K is able to notice and compare his abilities t...

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...e a paper about each student in the classroom and what I observed and learned from each and every one of them. I hope that K is able to gain the confidence and raise his self-esteem up so that he can share in front of the class and hopefully his kind and calm nature continues to be recognized by his peers. The impact of this quarter has been huge and I feel that I have learned so much about myself as a future teacher. I found that I can work well in a kindergarten classroom and that I am capable of much more than I ever thought. My learning partner was able to have some extra support that he may not always receive due to the students who have severe behavioral issues. At least for the time that I was in the classroom, he was being cared for and had a special buddy to look out for him. I will miss him greatly and plan on visiting a couple times during winter quarter!

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