Provision of Intervension to Prevent Family Breakdown Essay

Provision of Intervension to Prevent Family Breakdown Essay

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This case study will draw on a practice case from a statutory Children and Families Intervention Team. The work focused on a family, whose four children had been removed from their home, and an assessment of parenting skills. The main areas of work include the first initial visit to the family home, the outcomes of the Child Protection Conference, and observing contact supervision. The themes running throughout the essay and its composition are; power, empowerment, professional/personal conflicts, removal of children, impact of neglect, gender violence and attachment theory.
The primary objective of the statutory agency I work within is the provision of intervention to prevent family breakdown and reduce the number of children and young people going into care. As a result of the agency intervention it aims to make a positive contribution to the lives of young people and their families, by promoting healthy lifestyles, building capabilities and strengthening families’ relationships. The main Legal and Policy Mandate the organisation works within is the Children Act (CA) 1989-2004 and section 17’ Child in need’.

Assessment and Purpose

Furthermore, from this visit, I have learnt that no lecture, or text book reading can really prepare for you for the situation I walked into and the highly expressed emotions felt throughout. Lipskey (1980) argues what social workers learn in school or training is different to what they have to do in the street. He adds they need to take everything they have learned and apply it to particular situations relatively quickly without full information. In addition it is argued that ‘social workers are faced with many uncertain and complex situations that are emotionally provoking and therefore cannot ...

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