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Who are Protest The Hero and what they mean to me?
Two years ago in summer 2011 I was at Myötätuulirock with my friends listening to awesome bands, whilst really only knowing a few of them. It had been a fantastic day there, sun shining very bright coupled with awesome music, surely one of best days in my life. So there we were, waiting for the last band to play for the day, our favorite band of the time Ensiferum, but before that there were quite many bands that we had never heard of and one of them was Protest The Hero. They played quite fast tempo complex progressive metal that I instantly fell in love with and live performance! Even though my friends did not like the band's music at all just because of the singer has so broad vocal range which is in my opinion one of the best things they have in the band! It fits the band so perfectly while bringing so much personality and character to the band that Protest The Hero would be just another progressive metal band without their stunning vocalist, Rody Walker. I need to give credit to the other guys in the band of course too, they are all the masters of their instruments for sure! Luke Hoskin does the lead guitar for the band while Tim Millar does rhythm, they both play fantastic and come with the best melodies and riffs that I've heard and played! Bassist Arif Miradbolbaghi is surely on his own class to keep up with the complexity of the songs and Moe Carlson did write and play perfect drums for the songs, even though he moved onto studying in 2013 while Mike Ieradi taking his place in the band. After the summer 2011 I've been listening to Protest The Hero pretty much nonstop, their music just keep getting better and better the more you listen to it because the music after all i...

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...g that they wouldn't be anything without their fans with lyrics like "We are nothing without the thousands of voices that make the choir." on the song Animal Bones.
Personal rating for Volition: 10/10
Finishing words
Protest The Hero is a successful Canadian progressive metal band that is known for their incrediable musical talent, energic music and stage performance, beautiful guitar work and even more impressive vocal's with very well fitting bass playing and drumming. They have released four studio album's so far that each are very different. Protest the hero has been my favourite band since i saw them performing in Myötätuulirock 2011 that i think have been their only show in Finland, and i've been hoping for them to come back to Finland but no luck so far.

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