Prosthetic Limbs : Past, Present, and Future Essay

Prosthetic Limbs : Past, Present, and Future Essay

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Prosthetic Limbs: Past, Present, and Future

The purpose of my research paper is to discover how artificial limbs work in
conjunction with the human body, which plastics are used in prosthetic limbs, and if there
are any better possible plastics out there that can be used. The 1.9 million people in
America who have lost limbs find it hard to pay for them, since they’re very expensive,
so I looked into materials used, which are currently plastics such as polypropylene and
carbon fibers. However, there are still some problems such as slow reaction time so
manufacturers and laboratories are looking into alternate solutions such as carbon
nanotubes and microchips. Research is expensive though, so I do not see the cost of
prosthetic limbs going down anytime soon.

With the cost of everything going up, the price of artificial limbs are going up as
well, some even reaching $100,000 just for an arm or leg, preventing many people from
getting one, even though it may be necessary to continue their job and normal life (New
Life and Limbs). Imagine you were a soldier in the Iraq War. There are about six
hundred soldiers who lose limbs from the war, which are costly to replace (War Fuels
Prosthetics). After serving your
country you would have to come
home with your life completely
changed, especially if you don’t
have enough money to pay for a
new limb. By looking at how
artificial limbs work with the body
and which plastics are used, I will
try to see if there are new plastics
which can reduce the cost and
make artificial limbs available to
more people around the world.
Although there are only 600 soldiers from the Iraq war who have come home with
lost limbs and needed to have them replaced, other ...

... middle of paper ...

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