Essay on Prosperity and Immigration of United States: Nikola Tesla

Essay on Prosperity and Immigration of United States: Nikola Tesla

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The nineteenth and twentieth century was a time of enormous prosperity and vast immigration for the United States. These two have a close correlation to each other; the U.S.’s prosperity was mostly as a result from the few ingenious immigrants that fled their home country for a better life in the U.S. Andrew Carnegie and Albert Einstein are a few examples, but none can compare to one man, one man that would change the way the whole world would view the power of electricity.
Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in Smiljan, Lika, which is a region of Croatia. His mother was an inventor in household appliances and managed their family farm. His father was a Serbian Orthodox clergyman. He had three younger sisters and one older brother. His older brother died tragically in a horse riding accident, leaving young Nikola Tesla grief stricken from his lost loved one. Throughout the rest of his childhood, Tesla was interested in how things worked as well as in physics and mathematics. Later he went on to study at the University of Prague, and at the Polytechnic Institute in Graz, Austria.
Tesla had an ingenious mind. He saw ideas and problems that others couldn’t see or understand. One day while he took a stroll in a park he came up with a revolutionary idea. His whole life, and the world around him, was about to changed. The young Tesla built and successfully ran a prototype of his induction motor. At first, no one was interested in this invention so he later moved to the New York in 1884, looking for a better chance to show to the world of his groundbreaking invention, and later accepted a job offer from Thomas Edison.
While working at Thomas Edison’s headquarters in Manhattan, Tesla amazed and impressed Edison with his inventivene...

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... the tower was destroyed. With the threat of a world war looming it was hard for Tesla to find any new investors.
Tesla went on with his normal life and grew more and more weaker from old age. Tesla, despite him financial fame, lived in poverty. He resided at the New Yorker Hotel in Room 3327 for the last ten years of his well lived life. Finally, on January 7th, 1943, Nikola Tesla died in his room due to a coronary thrombosis. He wasn’t discovered until two days later when a maid came into the room. Tesla was later cremated and kept in a spherical urn at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.
Nikola Tesla left a legacy that would forever change the world, many of his inventions are still widely used today but sadly history and society forgets the man and his contributions that got us to where we are today. For one man said all he did, he did for the good of mankind.

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