Essay About Nikola Tesla

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Introduction: Name the top five scientist you know. You probably said names like Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, or Thomas Edison. One of the greatest scientist you probably didn’t know about is Nikola Tesla.

Birth: Nikola Tesla was born on a stormy night on July, 10th, 1855 in Smiljan, Croatia. Nikola’s father was a priest and his mother was a house wife. In her free time she would read or invent little things to help around the house. Nikola started to invent at a very young age. One day his brothers invited him down to a creek to go frog fishing. Nikola refused and instead went frog fishing some were else. At first he couldn’t catch any frogs so he tried something new and dangled the hook were frogs already were, he ended up catching
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His father always pressured him to join priesthood. Nikola had done experiments at a young age. One of these experiments was with June bugs, Nikola thought these bugs could pull a motor of some kind. This failed when a hungry child ate the bugs.

Education: Nikola had always been an educated mind. He loved to read poetry and loved science. Nikola had finished a high school level school at a very young age for that then he got accepted for an even harder school. At this school the science class got on of Edison’s DC (Direct current) generators. The professor then exclaimed that this was the only way of power. Nikola proposed that maybe it was possible to have an AC (alternate current) generator. The professor then punished Nikola for this idea. This was a very important moment for Nikola.

Career: Nikola had many jobs before becoming a scientist. First Nikola worked as a telephone exchange. Here Nikola worked on generators in Paris for a bonus when he came back. When Nikola got to Paris he spoke about his AC generators. He had on potential backer but he needed proof that it worked. Someone let Nikola work in his garage. Here Nikola had created a working model of his generators. When Nikola came back to his office he went to go get his bonus and, no bonus. He went to administrators to find it and no gave it to him. Nikola quit but one of his bosses came up to him and gave him a letter to give to Thomas Edison. Nikola got a boat
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This is where a man named Mr. Brown who helped Nikola with his money problems and let him use a lab. Here Nikola created his first actual none model AC generator and a few other devices. Edison tried to tarnish the AC generator’s name by saying it was unsafe and that his DC system worked better. This began the battle of the currents which was a fight between to group of people, the ones who supported the AC system, and the ones who supported the DC system. In the end Nikola’s AC system ended up winning this battle when he proved that it was safe at the world fair where he stood in a room filled with currents from his AC generator and came out unharmed. After the world fair Nikola didn’t stop with just the AC system he went on to create many new devices such as the tesla coil (or those zappy things in the Frankenstein movies) which are used widely in radios. He also created a wireless remote controlled boat, he improved the radio, and went on to try and give free power to the world but sadly this idea failed do to money issues. One of Nikolas biggest mistakes was ripping up a contract to get rid of payments from a friends failing company. In Nikolas life he never did marry or have kids although people have said he had feelings for a married woman but this was never
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