Pros And Cons Of 5 Popular Modifications For Cars And Trucks Essay

Pros And Cons Of 5 Popular Modifications For Cars And Trucks Essay

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Pros and Cons of 5 Popular Modifications for Cars and Trucks

When you buy a new car or even a new used car your mind starts racing through the modification possibilities. Whether you 're looking for more performance, better handling or improving the exterior appearance, opportunities abound.

The question is what are the pros and cons to these modifications and how will they change the resale value and the warranty coverage. Here we 'll cover the pros and cons of five popular modifications and finish up with a review of best practices to protect the automobile’s warranty and value.

Aftermarket Wheels and Tires

Carmakers have greatly improved factory installed wheels and tires. Just 20 years ago the average wheel size came in at 14 inches. Today standard sizes are 17" or 18" wheels. Despite these major improvements it seems that the aftermarket industry is still one step ahead when it comes to wheels and tires. Aggressive styles in 20" to 22" ranges can really enhance the appearance of almost any car or truck.

Just as important as the pros would be the cons of performing this modification. One of the first things people notice right away after rolling out of the tire shop is the speedometer isn’t accurate. The factory performs speedometer calibration with the recommended wheel and tire size installed. Increasing the wheel size coupled with changing the tire dimensions could possibly turn into a traffic ticket. Another important consideration about the tires is the speed rating and the profile.

Altering these from factory specifications can change the handling characteristics of the automobile dramatically. Let 's use a 2015 Nissan Altima as a specific example. If you change the factory size from 215/60R16 with an H speed rati...

... middle of paper ...

...ow Car Modification Affects the Warranty and Value

My basic advice is whenever you make any modification, save the factory original parts. You might want to restore the original condition for trade-in or private sale. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and those shiny 22 inch wheels might not be what the next owner is looking for.

As for the warranty coverage on a modified automobile the decision on whether to cover any malfunctions will always lie with the dealer. Technically any changes will void the warranty. However, if your factory installed stereo quits working, a cold air intake modification shouldn 't void the warranty of that radio unit. Nevertheless it’s up to the dealership to submit a warranty repair on your behalf. Many car owners will undo the modifications before taking the vehicle into a dealership service department just to be safe.

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