Propaganda and What Life Was Back Then Essay

Propaganda and What Life Was Back Then Essay

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“ No good colored boy.” , “Go back in the hog pen where you belong”, “ were common words that came out of the mouths of small hearted people all across the United States. Just imagine having to live in a time where every town, city, and state was surrounded with the outlook of black segregation. Try to comprehend how life would be like as a black maid, black slave, or a black child trying to ignore what others say back then. Back then it was just how it was. You wouldn’t think twice that it would be wrong if you say a flier on the wall welcoming whites to the Bingo get together that was at the new church down the road. In big black letters said on the bottom that said WHTIES ONLY. This makes me wonder Why would whites treat other blacks in such a way that makes the white such a powerful race. I also wonder how segregation got started and how propaganda threw segregation was a positive thing for whites. Finaly I wonder if we still have segregation even years and years down the road.
It may not seem like it but propaganda is a big part in the era when we, as a Nation, influenced in our normal lives the act of segregation. During this time it was common to have propaganda like posters, commercials, bill boards, or any other type of advertisements that suggested that whites were for sure the positive and superior race. In properganda like the picture on the left is an example of what’s called Advertising Cards. These cards were discriminatory customs and laws that discouraged americans of may racial, ethics, or religious backgrounds (S. N. History). This Advertising card refers to the African American race as dirty people who don’t belong in a civilization. The words,“Dar ain’t no flies on us” , implies that the people on the fence...

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... its not like what it was back then.

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