Essay about Project Respect: Da Baddest B*tch by Rapper Trina

Essay about Project Respect: Da Baddest B*tch by Rapper Trina

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Rapper Trina’s March 2000 single “Da baddest b*tch”, proclaimed her as the Queen of Hip hop. “Da baddest b*tch” was a controversial song that made way for many criticisms. The rapper’s song endorsed the idea of women referring to themselves as “bad b*tches”, promoted promiscuous behavior and encouraged females both young and old to use men for money.
The very title of the song endorses the use of the expression “bad b*tches”. In the music industry, the used of the word “b*tch” is not uncommon. It is most commonly used by men as a means of degrading women. Female rappers, like Trina, try to change what is a degrading word and turn it into a compliment. Female rappers like herself use this “bad b*tch” persona as a defense mechanism. They call themselves these distasteful words before a man has the chance to do it. They see it as strength and rejoice in beating them to the punch. It is a dangerous game they are playing. Throughout Trina’s song “Da baddest b*tch” she referred to herself as a bad b*tch multiple times. “I'm representin' for the bitches/All eyes on your riches” Trina’s depiction of a “bad b*tch” in this song is a woman that is concerned with money and the possession of money; A woman that would do anything to make money no matter the cost. This message is a harmful one. The word “b*tch” is not empowering; it is demeaning. Women give men an excuse to refer to them as “b*tches” because women call themselves’ and other women “b*tches” and “bad b*tches”. Women need to wake up and really that they will not be respected by men or either other women with such behavior. Calling yourself a “b*tch” or “bad b*tch” is a welcome mat to disrespect. Women should resist the catchy lyrics and clever hooks of the songs both me...

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...terial things will never last. You will forever chase after material things if you choose to be a lover of vanity. In the lyrics, “the bigger the bank, the bigger the Benz/ The better the chance to get close to his rich friends.” Trina suggests not only that females use men for everything they have, but to not have any loyalty toward anyone. Her sole purpose for associating with men is to get their money and she would even use his friends if she has to.
Trina’s intent was to create a song that liberated women from the double standards and stereotypical views placed upon them. Her song however can cause harm to young women that listen to take this song to heart. Instead of liberation, we are moved further down into the hole of degrading and devaluing women. Trina should’ve sent the message that these things were wrong. Instead she endorsed and encouraged them.

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