Professional Sports And Its Impact On The National Football Essay

Professional Sports And Its Impact On The National Football Essay

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Professional Sports have been around for over a hundred years in America. Millions of people each year watch the National Football League. Technology has increased greatly over the last 20 years and has had a major impact in the NFL. The NFL uses technology for player’s health, scouting, and on the field with headset communication and instant replay.

In the National Football League, technology has been super important for the players’ health. Over the last few years more and more bodies of former professional football players have been observed for brain injuries from football. Many of these players had multiple concussions that have affected them well after their playing careers were over. The Washington Post states that 40% of retired NFl players have had traumatic brain injuries. (Washington Post) This has been a serious problem for the NFL as many people are afraid the sport will lose popularity over the severe injuries that can occur. The NFL has found all the information on Concussions using medical technology to test former players.
(Frontline Concussion Watch)
Many helmet companies are designing what is supposed to be concussion proof helmets to help prevent these injuries. Without this technology, Football would continue to have many horrible injuries and would lead to the sport dying out from being too dangerous.
Another thing the NFL has used their technology for their scouting and weekly game plans. Each NFL team has a very large team that focuses on scouting college players to try to draft in the annual NFL Draft. There are around 15,029 players in Division 1 football each year. In the NFL draft 254 players are drafted, which means each team gets around 8 picks per year (Scholarship Stats). Many teams spend so mu...

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... in and can give a much better clear idea of what the correct call is. The NFL has a crew of officials that stay in New York in the command center and can directly show referees multiple angles of the play and talk to referees about what they have concluded from reviewing it from the command center in New York. This has improved the process tremendously and has led to many other sports like the MLB creating a very similar system.
To conclude, technology has greatly affected football. The NFL has had many problems over the years, which caused a need for technology to help improve the game. Technology has impacted football through improving the health of the players, using new systems for scouting and game plans, and improving the quality of the game on the field. Technology has affected how football is played today and will continue to affect the future of the sport.

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