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Essay about Professional Level Sport

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When observing any professional level sport, it is amazing how individuals can carefully articulate and execute their actions and movements. They are able to refine their movements to minimize the amount of energy they are exerting while performing their sport. I find professional level sports to be very intriguing because they perform their motor behaviors so effortlessly, and maximize the efficiency of their actions by using only the energy that is required. They have refined their skills and learned how to use their bodies to achieve their maximum potentials.
What people so often overlook is the importance nutrition plays in the grand scheme of events. People realize that athletes train endlessly and that through practice they improve their skills. Although training is a crucial aspect to any athlete, nutrition is equally if not more important. The importance of maintaining a diet high in carbohydrates is crucial for the performance of a professional level hockey team. A professional hockey team typically ranges from ages 20-28, they have to be in excellent health condition and have excellent stamina. Hockey is an extremely active sport, hockey players get the majority of their energy from carbohydrates, and therefore they require large amounts of that nutrient. However, the hockey team has been experiencing bouts of fatigue and has been crashing in the last portions of the game. Through obtaining documentation of their meals, it was clear they have a carbohydrate deficient diet. The team has been focused on protein consumption more than carbohydrates. Therefore, their eating habits and diet need to change to give them the fuel that they need to complete games without crashing.
For any athlete training is essential to their s...

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