Productivity Improvement in Screw Type Biomas Briquettes Manufacturing by Planning Downtime

Productivity Improvement in Screw Type Biomas Briquettes Manufacturing by Planning Downtime

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Biomass densification by screw briquetting produces uniform, dense and durable solids desirable for gasification, process heating, power generation and other heating applications which are currently run by coal. Due to high wear rate, the screw and mould used for forming the briquettes deteriorate leading to regular production stoppage and considerable down time losses. Hence Indian entrepreneurs are apprehensive to adopt screw briquetting technology in spite of its potential. In this work improvement in productivity parameters are tested for predetermined replacement of screw before considerable damage is done. They were found to be significant and aiding quality briquette output and smooth operation which could aid in improving profitability.
. Introduction
India is predominantly an agricultural country. Every year around 572 million metric ton[1] of crop residues like bagasse, straw, husk, stem, etc are produced and a high percentage of them are used by rural population and industrial sector. In an optimistic estimate total non-fodder crop residue available for energy is found to be 450 Mt [2]. Still a considerable quantity of agro residues are left to decay in the field, burnt openly affecting children’s health[3] and polluting environment with aerosol, so2 and no2 [4]. There is also sufficient potential to utilize forestry wastes, wood processing wastes like saw dust and invading species like prosopis Juliflora which have high productivity and fuel value index [5]. Further there is increasing shortage of coal and other fossil fuels in India which already imports about 75% of its crude [6]. Biomass is a potential supplement if not total replacement of fossil dependence. Still the potential impacts of biomass energy on enviro...

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[18] Anbumalar V, Nagarajan M S and Balasubramani P, Productivity improvement in screw type biomass briquetting machine by improving mould life, article in press, Journal of Manufacturing Engineering, December, 2013, Vol. 8, Issue. 4, pp 244-248.

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Productivity Improvement in Screw Type Biomass Briquettes Manufactoring by Planning Downtime

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