Essay on Product Placement in Daily Life

Essay on Product Placement in Daily Life

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“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” By Anais Nin. This quote represents how product placement plays a role in daily life of people. The quote describes how we see the world, as to what we see in others. People view life through their dreams, fears, and experience, “Product placement is when a company pays for its product to be featured on television or movie to increase or reinforce brand awareness.” Product placement in movies or TV shows have become common, many advertiser uses the appeal to celebrity to make the product look “high class, or “cool.” For example, in Indian TV shows, when a housewife uses her Samsung Galaxy s4 to download her recipes, and makes delicious food-this product placement would be noticed by other housewives and would want to get a Samsung Galaxy s4.
Another product that has many product placements is brand of cars. When an actor drives a particular car in the movie, that becomes a dream -to get that car. There would be many close-up shots of the actor while the actor is driving the car. In those ads, most celebrities are wearing a fancy, high-class watch or an expensive purse. These ads also would have a target market to rich, high –class, young adults who would be interpreting the ad with their own needs, wants, values and expectations. The one common product placement we see in movies is Starbucks coffee. Starbucks would represent young, high class, ‘’classy” people. After Starbucks came out there are very few movies that have Dunkin Donuts coffee ad.
Product placement has many advantages to viewers and advertisers in many ways. First, if the ad is being advertised through media, viewers cannot bypass the product. If the product placement is done well, this can lead the viewer ...

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...ness, Consumer materialism, consumer ethnocentrism, and social character play a role in trait.

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