The Process of Surrogacy and Its Different Types Essay

The Process of Surrogacy and Its Different Types Essay

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Surrogacy is an international practice. The use of other women to carry people’s babies is a common and legal practice in many countries. To fully understand why this is a moral issue, you need to understand what it is.
A surrogate is a woman who is carrying a baby for another person. Surrogacy is used for many reasons by different couples. The crowd drawn to surrogacy is couples who are infertile and cannot have kids. Such couples include: couples who are too old, couples who are in a homosexual relationship and people who just want a baby by themselves and can’t have one. This is a way for many people to avoid the complicated adoption laws. Though, there are some strong laws in the United States of America that support or oppose surrogacy in its many forms. There is a variety of ways to have a child using surrogacy.
A traditional surrogate is a woman who is carrying a baby that is from her own egg. The intended parents can pick if they want to use their own sperm if available or they can pick a donor’s. A Gestational surrogate carries a baby that is not in any way genetically related to her. The baby can be made from the couples own sperm and egg or they can get a donor for one or both sperm and egg.
The commercial surrogates have a few requirements that need to be met that are universal from all agencies. The first is an obvious one. You need to be in good health both physically and mentally. They wish you to have carried at least one baby healthy and to full term then safely delivered the baby. This is to help them reassure the couples that their baby will be safe. They on average need to be younger than 43 years old. This also helps prevent complications. They want them to be in a stable living environment. They also...

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