Essay about The Process of Negotiation

Essay about The Process of Negotiation

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First of all Negotiation is in a simple way is the process by which we obtain what we want from someone who wants something from us, more like a win-win situation. Therefore in this seminar a lot of issues were discussed within the area of Negotiation. We were provided with illustrative explanations and detailed knowledge on how to go about with negotiation especially in the sales field. Among the many things on the agenda was the negotiation process, motivation sources for people, peoples buying behavior or decisions on buying or not buying. In this paper, you will read more detail about the topic of negotiation and what surrounds it.
Concept description as per the seminar;
These are normally /goods/services that a sales person will be willing to do away with during a negotiation with a potential or current buyer. Tradables can also be simple things that deliver both parties to a mutual agreement.
Under this, we looked at the story of, ‘’that’s not my dog’’ where the dog synonymously stood for tradables. This emphasized a few issues to watch out for during a negotiation and these are;
• Always look for the ‘dog’ when facing the customer.
• Prepare the tradables (the dog) before every negotiation.
• A tradable can change the scope of the deal once used appropriately by either party involved.
• Never rely on luck but rather always have your tradables prepared.
Negotiation roles;
These depending on the type of negotiation vary and have different titles. Normally, a Negotiation would involve two or more parties with each having different roles within them. Among the roles of negotiation are five (5) and at times three (3) roles. Below are the five roles in Negotiation;
1. The factual Negotiato...

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... measures in place, a well prepared team with well allocated roles would have higher chances of reaching a mutual agreement with their counterparts.

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