Process of Developing and Implementing an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Process of Developing and Implementing an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

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IEP Reflection

IEP Reflection

The development and implementation of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) occurs after a student is eligible to receive exceptional student services through a referral and evaluation process. In order to maximize academic success, the IEP must be implemented with fidelity following a systematic approach to skills while meeting the needs of the student.
A multidisciplinary team, also known as the IEP team, is responsible for developing, implementing, and reviewing the IEP. The IEP team must include a representative from the local education agency, a special education teacher, regular classroom teacher, parents/guardians, evaluator, student, and other professionals that have input into the student’s education (Bos and Vaughn, 2006). Once the evaluation process is complete, the IEP team uses the formal and informal information gathered to develop an individualized plan to meet all of the educational, emotional/social, and behavioral needs of the student. The IEP plan must also be reviewed annually unless the parents or the professionals involved with the student's education have additional concerns.
Next, Bos and Vaughn (2006) state the IEP must include:
· A statement of the child’s present level of educational performance (PLEP).
· A statement of measurable goals and objectives.
· A statement of special education services, the special education program, related services, and any materials or accommodations needed.
· An explanation of the extent, if any, the student will not participate in regular education classes.
· A statement explaining how the student will participate in district wide and statewide assessment.
· The projected date of when special services will begin, ...

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...” and are better received by their peers. Mainstreaming my fourth graders for reading and math proved to be remarkably successful. The classroom model presented opportunities for whole group and small group instruction. My students learned additional concepts and got the opportunity to work in groups with other students; thereby, boosting their self-esteem and giving them a sense of accomplishment.
In conclusion, the key to composing and implementing a successful IEP is gathering all the necessary information from teachers, professionals, formal and informal tests, etc. When the IEP focuses on manageable skills and meets all of the needs of the student, it will provide every opportunity for academic success.

Bos. C. A. & Vaughn, S. (2006). Strategies for teaching students with learning and behavior problems (6th ed.) Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

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