The Benefits Of Special Education

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I believe every child deserves a quality education that benefits them presently and in the future. Special education serves children who are exceptional human beings. These exceptional children need extra assistance for learning that goes beyond what is taught in the general classroom because, as Heward (2013) states, their physical and mental abilities are different from that of their peers. I remember being in school when children with disabilities were taken to their own “special” classroom. These children were often thought of as a burden to the general classroom teacher and students. While they did do school work in their classroom, it was often times just work to keep them busy instead of trying to help them achieve a meaningful future.…show more content…
Exceptional students are able to advance and grow with individualized provisions and accommodations set forth by a team of people. Heward (2013) explains that special education is set in place to help children be able to become functioning and contributing members in school and in humanity. All students learn differently and should be treated as individuals. I have four children and they all learn in different ways. By understanding how each of my children learns, I can better help them to excel in school. Exceptional children should expect the same treatment as those in the general classroom. They too learn differently and should be treated as individuals. Educators need to understand an exceptional child’s assets and struggles and teach to their strengths in order to improve their weaknesses. According to Heward, teachers should use teaching methods that are backed by research and should measure student performance in an effort to make sure children are receiving a great education. Making sure that every child’s needs are being met and that they are receiving a quality education is a teacher’s biggest