The Process Of Creating A New Memory Essay

The Process Of Creating A New Memory Essay

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Part of being human is to have memories. Whether they are positive or negative, short-term or long-term, or even if some people suffer from a disease that affects their memories in some way, we all have them. Our experiences throughout our entire lives, consciously and unconsciously is how we acquire them. Our brain stores these memories for later retrieval when necessary. However, memories are not "truth", but our perception of what occurred (Ch. 7 pg. 231, Norton 's Psychology In Your Life, Grison, Heatherton, and Gazzaniga). An individual 's memories may differ based on how they have retrieved, maintained, and remembered information.
The process of creating a new memory happens in three phases: encoding, storage, and retrieval. Emotional experiences play a role in the process, making it more or less likely for information to be encoded, whether storage of memories will be short or long-term, and whether remembering memories will be a negative or positive experience .
The first and most crucial phase of creating a new memory is encoding. This is when your brain converts the information that your senses receive from your external surroundings so that it can be stored. Now that the information is encoded into a retainable memory, a place to store them is required, thus bringing us to the next phase, storage. In this phase, memories can be stored very briefly or permanently depending on many different dynamics of how a person received, translated, and strengthened the information. The last phase is retrieval. Retrieval is recalling memories that have been encoded and stored in the brain when necessary. I am exceptionally skilled at remembering multiple drink orders, from multiple customers, accurately, on a busy night tending bar...

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...s me who 's memory is biased. Flashbulb memory can contribute to memory distortion. We are so surprised or caught off guard, we remember these experiences like a quick poke of a needle. Sometimes we remember things but we can 't recall the details of the circumstances of which the memory occurred. This is called misattribution. We simply remember something but don 't remember how or why we remember it. Many times I remember meeting someone but forget where and when I met them.
Everyone faces some sort of suggestable distortion of memory from our society and surrounding environment. The media, other people, and cultures are a few examples of who and what can influence how we remember. We are all vulnerable to manipulation of our memories everyday of our lives. So it would be wise to remember, that our memories are not "truth", but they are the way we perceive them.

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