Essay on The Process Of Constructing The Plan Took A Long Time

Essay on The Process Of Constructing The Plan Took A Long Time

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The process of constructing the plan took a long time. I read books on Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Walter Raleigh and Ferdinand Magellan. I was planning to cover all of the explorers in my four lesson plans. Each lesson would cover one explorer and we will read the book together in the class. I talked to my teacher about my plan but she told me that I should do Christopher Columbus. So I chose Did Columbus discovered America? However, as I was discussing with my teacher again, she suggested that I should change my book. I had to change my book again and I was frustrated at first but soon I realized that Mrs. L made a good decision for me.
By focusing on Christopher Columbus, students were able to learn detailed information on the explorer. The book contained too much information that was hard to cover in one or two lessons. I decided to read two chapters in each lesson. I wanted to do creative activity in my unit, but we had limited time for reading. There were not enough books for all the students so they could not read at home. As the result, students had to share the book a...

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