Problems With Non Personal Problems Essay

Problems With Non Personal Problems Essay

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1. Every person has the ability to find a solution to a problem, nevertheless some people are better at solving non-personal problems than a personal problem. When I evaluate my problem-solving ability I conclude that I am better at solving personal problems than non-personal problems, but I also believe it 's difficult to solve personal problems; since those problems deals with my feelings. However, I solve this kind of problem better because the solution will affect my life therefore, this are more important. Non-personal problems are easier to solve for me, because I can find a solution without overthinking. For example, if I am in a situation where my family or I can be affected by the decision, is more likely that I would take longer to find a solution because I will analyze every benefit and risk I am about to experience. In other hand, if the problem has nothing to be with me, I would solve it without thinking too much. The process of solving a non-personal problem is easier and faster, but it 's not always the best option to obtain a good solution.
When I solve a problem I try to make sure I have correctly identified the problem in order for solve it the right way. Just like other human I have made mistakes, but I am really careful in this situation. Sometimes I am not able to identify the problem right away; I think this happens when I close my mind since I frustrate myself. It is harder to solve a problem if I have no idea of what the problem is. I believe that in order to find an excellent solution we need to consider various alternatives. I do consider various alternatives when I solve a personal problem, but when it’s not personal I do not look for alternative solutions. Alternatives solutions help us to identify the...

... middle of paper ... when I wonder if what I know, what I believe in is indeed true.
5. Philosophy 110 is about critical thinking and by this I understand that this class is to help student thinks independently, which is something I am looking to gain for this class. I would like to learn to think critically and independently because I would like to improve the way I think and I analyze things. I also want to learn the ability to communicate correctly and to gain better writing skills as well as to evaluate resources on the internet and be able to determine which information is real.
I would like to learn to think quickly and reasonableness because I believe this will help for the rest of my life. I also want to develop new skills to participate in a debate, but I would like to achieve the knowledge to see a subject in different points of view and to do not be influenced by people.

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