Problems Facing ESOL Students and How the Teacher Can Address These Issues

Problems Facing ESOL Students and How the Teacher Can Address These Issues

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An analyse of the problems facing ESOL students in the area of reading and how the teacher can address these issues.

1.1 vocabulary is a fundamental aspect of a reading comprehension. According to Payne and Whittaker (2006, p.96) explains, comprehension skill is the basic of academic task which possible to be the important approach to collect information.
Having a range of vocabulary is very important that may help the learners to understand the text, according to,Shieh and Freiermuth (March -2010,p.111) researchers have that" a learner's vocabulary knowledge can be correlated predictable to performance of reading comprehension task" and could lead to develop their capability of guessing the meaning of the words from the context. The students who read regularly have higher rate of vocabulary knowledge than the others who almost do not read.

Reading comprehension is the significant of the skills. According to Crystal and Johnson (2003, p.6) believes “as skill reading is one of the most important”. Most second language learners face difficulties in the reading skills. Firstly, some of the learners could not understand the text because the students have limited range of vocabulary due to this fact the learners do not know how to use the strategies of reading. The teacher might help the learner during a guessing activity which encourage students attempt to know the meaning of difficult words related to the text, which is more sufficient. According to Hedge a (2008) indicates, by civilizing the process of guessing the meaning of the words from the text that is could help the learners to build up the abilities of guessing the meaning. but KERR has contradicted that (20 09, p..6), the learners must not using the processing of the guessing the meaning of unknown words form the text because they do not want to. Also using dictionaries provide the students with some information. According to Harmer (2004,p.172) proposes, using
dictionaries by the learners is helpful to collect data. This enables the learners to know how the language of the vocabulary has been structured. Nuttall has (2000,) argued that “it is wasteful to look up every new word because many of students use dictionary far too much”. Regardless of this point of view, dictionary is considered to be a great aid for students to know how each word related to each other and figure out the part of speech for any words
1.2 Secondly, learners have another problem with words which have different sets of the meaning.

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Some of the learners confused about the meaning because the meaning of some words might be changeable which prevent the learners’ understandings when attempt to read any text. According to Nuttall (2000,p. 66 ) states, "any words with more than one meaning is potentially trouble some of the most dangerous misunderstanding arise when everyday words are used in specialized fields" The teacher can help the learner by giving the words with different meaning

1.3 Finally, second language learners faced problem in the language knowledge. this language help the learner allow to work with context according to Hedge (2000.p,1920) points out, second language learner will find difficulty to understand the context with un knowing aspects for example cohesive and cohesion, because discourse signals is functional value of any sentences in the context

2.1The teacher can improve students ability in the reading skill by encouraging to use one of this techniques
Scanning: is one of the techniques which used in the comprehensions kills. More ever involving the learners for speed reading by used the eyes rapidly through the text to get the answers or the key words, because they might have been looked at specific goals in the contexts or to understand the fact or reasons for some information although, scanning is a powerful impact on the reading skill according to Scrivener (2005, p.185) indicates, Scanning is quick reading for particular information for example manes and facts. Most the second language learner could use those strategies with out any difficulties. According to Kerr (2009.p,6)states “comprehension difficulties in the? second language learners arise, not from problems with skimming and scanning, but from the gaps in the learners ‘knowledge of or familiarity with linguistic.”
Skimming: is anther a technique which used by the students to obtain overall a good knowledge of what the context about. by looking at the heading, introduction and the last sentence for each paragraph to help the learner to get general idea skimming used as prepare can used before reading any books According to Scrivener (2005, p.185) observes, skimming focusing on the main ideas and essential of the structure because the learners will selective some material to read.
Background reading :is the technique may the teacher used in the class to look again at the topic according to Payne and Whittaker(2006.p73) indicate "it proves an overview of the topic area and may a framework which more detail is added later". Background proved the leaner by a good understanding general idea

2.2 also the teacher can encourage student to use the approaches of reading skill. Intensive reading in the classroom for the students to read each words in the text to understand the meaning of difficult words and the teacher must prepare a lot of question to ask the learners about the context. some time the students find this kind of reading very boring because the learners will read each words get understanding of the structure
Extensive reading: refers to silent reading in the classroom which teach in the a climate when the learners be pleasure to get general understanding about the long topic . According to Harmer (2004,p212)states, in extensive reading the learners can decide any attractive topic to read for enjoying. In this kind of teacheuq proved the student by comprehensible input. Extensive reading is very important for the learners and the teacher because give both opportunity to think about reading. According to Urquhart and Weir (1998,p.219)explain." Important in giving learners uninterrupted quality time to read and reflect and, just as important, it gives teachers time/breathing apace to reflect on their teaching"

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