Concept Of Reading

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Basic Concept of Reading
Dadzie (2008 cited in Owusu & Acheaw, 2014) states reading is the ability to understand words that help students’ knowledge growth and develop. In addition, Weaver (2009) states that reading is a process to determine students’ brain, emotion and belief bring to get knowledge or information. From both of statements, it can be assumed that reading is an activity to understand text that determines students’ ability, intelligence to get or gain information of what they read. Likewise, following Cline, Johansen & King (2006) reading is decoding and understanding written texts. Decoding means how the students translate the text in order to understand the information from text. In addition, Tang, Carol & Weekes (2013)
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The first, the benefit is to help the students learn and remember vocabulary and grammar structure consistently. The second, reading helps the students become familiar with the rhythm of English. It will help students to feel usual and will know incorrect sentence or phrase. The third, reading can improve other language skills, such as: writing skill. The fourth is reading help the students in writing course. It's supported by Ann & Thibault (2008) that says student good in reading activity, they have good writing. The fifth is reading can improve their listening and their pronunciation skills particularly when they read aloud. Based on the benefit of reading, it can be concluded that reading has strong relation with other language skill particularly writing skill. It is because through reading students can enrich vocabulary and information as material that will use in…show more content…
From predicting strategies, students can improve their understanding of the text, such as through predicting the title of the text, pictures, and keywords. Moreover, in predicting strategy, students’ need prior knowledge to connect with the text they are reading. It is supported by Que (2011) that explain students use their prior knowledge to interact with text, make meaning and generate predictions of what they read. Indeed, students should have prior knowledge in order to use predict strategy.

The nature of visualization in reading is the process of creating picture of text to help comprehension (Munro, 2008). In this case, creating pictures means students create their own imagination to understand what they read when reading. For instance: when students read the narrative text. Students can visualize setting, character, and actions in a story and then draw or write about their imaginations that come to their minds after visualizing the text.
Making connection
Making connection is another strategy that can use in the reading activity. Making connection means the process to connect students’ prior knowledge and experience with text. According to Kucukoglu (2013) when students find a connection with text, students are able to comprehend the idea of the text. Thus, to make connections with text, it depends on students’ prior
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