The Problem Of Street Crime Essay

The Problem Of Street Crime Essay

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What types of crime are considered to be the most costly to a country? Could it be street crime? Vandalism, breaking and entering, carjacking and pick pocketing are all examples of street crime, “a crime committed by average people against other people or organizations, usually in public spaces” (Open Education Sociology Dictionary). Street crime usually involves material possessions of large monetary amounts, costing the global economy an estimated $16.6 billion (Simon) so perhaps this could this be the most expensive type of crime. However, according to the 2014 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, corporate crime and fraud costs the global economy more than $3.7 trillion (ACFE). Investopedia defines corporate fraud, or “white collar crime”, as “activities undertaken by an individual or company that are done in a dishonest or illegal manner, and are designed to give an advantage to the perpetrating individual or company” (Investopedia). In the United States alone, corporate fraud totals around $380 billion (Dyck, Morse and Zingales). So what would cause individuals who are already millionaires to commit crimes of this nature? Can their actions be explained by any theories within the realm of criminal deviance in sociology? How does Merton account for white collar crime with his “Strain Theory”? What would Christians argue is the source of white collar crime? This paper will explore all of these questions, along with others, in an attempt to explain white collar crime in the context of theories within the sociology of deviance.
Large corporations have been in existence in the United States since before the founding of the country. Along with the huge amounts of power that come with big corporations, comes the t...

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...In 1971, the Ford Motor Company released the Ford Pinto as competition against Volkswagen in the small car market. Engineers conducting safety trials after assembly began, found that gas tanks on the new car would explode in a rear end collision. Ford ran a cost-benefit analysis and decided that it would cost the company less money to pay off the families of consumers who fell victim the flaw than it would to repair the issue and then spent eight years lobbying against safety regulations and legislation. When lawsuits started piling up over these issues, Ford thought for sure that a jury would buy into the doctrine that people cause car accidents, not cars (Dowie). Considering the company already owned a patent on a much safer gas tank, juries did not see Ford’s point of view and felt the company could have afforded to fix the issue before the cars’ release (Dowie).

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