The Pros And Cons Of Burglary

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By definition, burglary is typically defined as the unlawful entry into almost any structure not just a home or business with the intent to commit any crime inside not just limited to the crimes of theft or larceny. No physical breaking and entering is required for it to be considered the crime of burglary. The suspect may do something as simple as trespassing through an open door at someone’s house, or an open door in the back of a restaurant. Unlike robbery, which involves use of force or fear to obtain another person's property, there is usually no victim that is present during a burglary and that’s what makes it different from other crimes with similar motives.
In the United States, burglary happens to be one of the more popular calls that an
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Once the officers arrive on scene and talk to the homeowner or business owners they must now for their and the citizens safety get the scene secured in a timely manner. Generally, it is not necessary to go to far lengths to secure a burglary scene because most times the burglar is already gone away from the scene of the crime but they still need to secure the scene just to be safe. They first need to ask the victim to avoid touching anything inside of their home or business, and try to keep them in an undisturbed portion of the scene such as the garage or in the kitchen where its likely the offender did not go through. Traffic through the building should be minimized. This is very important so that when the crime scene team arrives on scene they are able to dust for prints and look for clues that will help them head in the right direction to catch the assailant. In some cases the victims may have already been through their
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