The Problem Of Low Wages Essay

The Problem Of Low Wages Essay

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Low wages have been a problem for awhile in third world countries. For many years, because of low wages, workers from these nations do not have enough to support their families, childrens under eighteen are working instead of learning, and health care are not fully issued to them. Working hard everyday, the workers are being pay with barely enough to get anything for their families. Living alone, from having just two children or even one, workers are still human, they need good amount of money to buy food, clothes, and for some, transportations is a big thing. Not in school, children are working in sweatshops to support parents. Here in the US, with permission to do so, one need to be at least sixteen to work. Children are accepted to work and some are being buy off of their own parents hands for higher price than adults (Kennel 20). When workers are sick they have close enough to no health care coverage for them to get medications. These people are being put to work over time and being abused, therefore they get sick with diseases with no healthcare insurance from the company to cover for their treatments (Wilsey and Lichtig n. pag.). Top brands companies are paying low wages to emerging nation workers causing them to not have a sufficient amount of money to aid their families, children under age are working, and health care are barely being issued out.
Companies have factories in foreign countries paying workers with barely enough to live with. Barely reaching minimum salary, these people are struggling to get food on the table. With pay from a dollar to three dollars per day, employees can not afford the right amount of food to feed their households (Kennel 20). That then result in children has to start working to help their p...

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... have. Childrens has to work with low wages resulting in no education. As income wise, since it is low wages, workers does not have enough to support their families. Even though the factories are bringing social class and structure, increasing in population, and more systems to the third world countries, the fact that the current workers are dying and educations are still no where to be found, it is unacceptable. Even with claims such as bringing up workers income for their households, more education for people that are in need of it, and new medications instead of healthcare insurance has been proven to worsen poverty for the workers. All in all, third world nations are well off without factories from large nations; those companies does nothing but bring more problem and economic system down to the third world countries. Companies move factories to emerging nations

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