The Problem Of Gambling Addiction Essay

The Problem Of Gambling Addiction Essay

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How can someone become so addicted to throwing their money away when they are already broke? This seems like an unreasonable question that is asked too often. Gambling becomes an addiction when it interferes with the regular lifestyle of someone or those close to him or her. Jeanne Seaga, Ph.D., Melinda Smith, M.A., and Lawrence Robinson say a gambler will withdraw from loved ones, sneak around, lie, and borrow or even steal money. Many people know of someone who gambles at a casino that does not know when to quit. It is easy to keep putting money into a slot machine to try and make back the difference lost. Gambling can potentially become dangerous, leading to family issues and financial breakdowns. Luckily, there are solutions to gambling that can mend broken relationships and bring a balanced income back into the picture for recovering addicts.
Maxi Chambers, a former gambling addict, recalled a personal life story about winning five hundred dollars her first time gambling in her article “What I Lost Gambling.” She stated this event led to an uncontrollable need to gamble more frequently every week. In a compulsive gambler, the high from winning overpowers the disappointment from losing. This causes him or her to forget how much money has been lost and focus on trying to win it back. The majority of addicts have experienced an adrenaline high from a jackpot strike. When they win big, they feel okay with gambling away more money because they know they made a lot that one time. In reality, losing occurs more frequently than winning in the majority of people, resulting in a stronger and more prolonged urge to gamble when one does win.
Desiring to quit gambling is the first step to recovery. Most addicts who have th...

... middle of paper ... credit cards and carry a limited amount of money. Another great tip in the financial department is to set up automatic payments to keep up with the current payments (par. 15). Taking charge of the compulsive gambler’s finances will help keep him or her out of going into deeper debt than they already are in.
These tips are not for every compulsive gambler. Testing each one to see which fits best will have a better outcome for success. Understanding the numerous techniques to overcome this habit can help narrow the options whether choosing between therapy or any of the other helpful tips listed throughout. Remember to help the addict stay busy and keep in mind how quitting an addiction can affect family and friend relationships. Even though it is hard to quit an addiction, there are many ways to overcome the difficult struggle of being a gambling addict.

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