Prisons Have Never Been A Concern Of Mine Essay

Prisons Have Never Been A Concern Of Mine Essay

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Prisons have never been a concern of mine. For a brief time, I was interested in the idea of touring the St. Cloud Prison; the reason behind that interest was merely curiosity. I wanted to know what a prison looks like in person rather than through a television screen. Before watching Last Week Tonight’s video, I thought I knew exactly how I felt about prisons and the prisoners inside. I had the mindset that the prisoners must have committed a really bad crime in order to be thrown in a prison and that how they were treated was none of my concern. It was ironic to hear John Oliver say in the video that many people know that they will never end up in prison so how prisoners are treated or the conditions in which they live in are none of the innocents’ concern. That is exactly how I felt; I knew that I would never end up in one so I had nothing to worry about. After watching the video, I am appalled by the information given to me about the prison system. I learned so much new information about prisons that I did not already know. Granted, I was not and did not want to be the expert on everything prisons.
In the beginning, as John Oliver was speaking, I did not feel like I could relate to the topic. My family members and I have never been to prison, so I felt that I never had a reason to look into them at all. But after learning about some of the procedures and traumatic experiences prisoners go through, I am interested in learning more about the prison systems. This video has rebooted my interest in touring prisons. I am now curious if St. Cloud prison has ever encountered problems that were shared on Last Week Tonight’s video clip. Not only am I curious about that but also interested in how this affects how I live my life and comm...

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...ys that the U.S. is now the leading nation in prison population with over two million people in jail or prison. That means about one million of the prisoners were sentenced to prison for drug offenses. Emily Hauser wrote in The Week, a news magazine, a possible way to decrease prison populations. Hauser says that if more drug rehabilitation centers were funded that many of the drug offenders that are sentenced to prison can alternatively be sent to a rehab clinic. They would be able to receive more help than the prison would give, and they would be able to reenter society as a contributing civilian. This solution does not have much to do with communication but I believe it could really help the population in prison decrease. The smaller the population in prison the more money the prisons can have so instances of maggots in food or sugar in C-sections will not occur.

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