Prison Gang Activity : Street Gang Membership, Social And Psychological Factors

Prison Gang Activity : Street Gang Membership, Social And Psychological Factors

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In the article, “Predicting Involvement in Prison Gang Activity: Street Gang Membership, Social and Psychological Factors.”, they cover several topics describing details relating to gang activity in the prisons. The article discusses how the ideal of wealth socially and monetarily affect those who are in gangs and those who want to join a gang. They also found that different criminal backgrounds helped determine who was more likely to join a gang or not. The prison gangs share some characteristics with streets gangs, but they have different psychological factors and ways of earning membership.

The article starts off by describing prison gangs. Prison gangs have been called “cohesive groups of prisoners, with a leader, whose criminal activities negatively impact on institutions holding them.” On the other hand, others argue that prison gangs have a more diverse definition. Research was conducted and found that there was difference in the way that adult prison gangs conduct themselves between the way that youth gangs conduct themselves. Gangs in adult institutions use violence and threats to control other prisons and staff, too. They use these tactics to gain money and power. However, they cannot be certain that those in youth prison gangs share the reasons as the adult prison gangs. They research found, nonetheless, that the youth were motivated by ranking and power to join youth prison gangs.

In the United States of America, there are several types of regular gang activities: rape, prostitution, murder, theft, intimidation, abuse, contraband, etc. In an ironic twist, these gangs also offer protection. D. J. Stevens conducted research in 1997 that found that 73% of non-gang members wanted to transfer, while 87% wanted prote...

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...ieve that this article was important to anything dealing with criminology because it tells about the most common origins of crime: gangs. Although the authors do not provide credentials that show that they are experts in the criminal field, they provide evidence at the end of the article that they have written about the subject at hand. In my opinion, this article was completely unbiased. I did not find any proof that the authors had any reason to speak against or in compliance with gangs. I would like to know more about the stats. I want to also have a more indepth view of why members are attracted to group with each other. This material is current and relevant. It showed recent studies concerning the prisons of today. I, personally, have not seen any events concerning gangs in prisons; therefore, I would have to say no recent events shed light on this material.

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